You Already Have What You Need

You Already Have What You Need

(For those who would rather watch the video than read the post, here you go:)

You might already know what your Why Not is, and you might not. If you do, that’s fantastic! If you don’t, do not fret. We’ll get there.

Before delving into the million different ways you can find your Why Not or how to tackle getting there, we need to grasp one belief.

That’s right. One.

Personally, I think the only thing you truly need in order to achieve your Why Nots is to believe one thing.

You already have inside you everything you need to achieve your Why Nots.

Why do I think this is the single most important concept to grasp before going any further with figuring out this whole Why Not thing?

Because one of the easiest things to do is to talk yourself out of your Why Not.

  • I’m too old.
  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t deserve it.
  • I can’t afford it.
  • I’m not smart enough.

I know that you know what I mean. There are as many excuses not to pursue a Why Not as there are Why Nots themselves. I honestly believe that every single one of those excuses stems from fear in some form. We fear that we are too old to go back to school to pursue the degree we so desire. We fear that we’ll make our lives even more chaotic by adding the class we want to take to further our understanding of our Why Not. We fear that we’ll fail because, at some point in our lives, we’ve failed others, so we don’t deserve our Why Not. We fear that pursuing our Why Not will take time away from the job that provides our income.

We fear that we don’t “have what it takes” to win this thing.

That was my roadblock; I simply felt that I didn’t have whatever is it that people who achieve their goals have. I saw those people as just that… “Those People.” Golden, brilliant, lucky people. And I wasn’t one of them.

Guess what?

That’s a load of crap. People who achieve their goals are simply People, just like everyone else. They succeed sometimes, they fail sometimes. The only difference I can see now is that they believe they have what they need to accomplish their goals.

When you have a minute, go listen to the Radiolab Short entitled, “Goo and You.” It’s about caterpillars and butterflies. Yes, it applies here. The last line literally left me a bit breathless.

If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, just skip to the 11:10 mark. Let me catch you up to that point: Researchers have studied caterpillars and butterflies for hundreds of years, and no one understood how they transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly. In the chrysalis, there’s just… goo. No order, no sense, no structure. Just goo. How on earth did a butterfly come from that?

Not long ago, a researcher discovered that the “butterfly structures” (wings, antennae, etc.) were already inside of the caterpillar before it even began to pupate.

It already had inside it everything it needed to facilitate change.

At the 13:10 mark, Molly Webster utters the line that physically knocked the wind out of me:

“… what of my future self is in me right now?”,

I think that’s really all you need to get this thing done — to believe that inside of you, right now, dwells everything you need to achieve your Why Nots.

You might need to learn more, pursue a formal education, seek out people with similar interests, allocate extra time to this pursuit, face and fight your fears, and on and on. I won’t deny any of that at all.

But you wouldn’t be reading this if at least some of the characteristics you need in order to achieve your Why Nots weren’t already inside of you:

  • Desire
  • Drive
  • Passion
  • Curiosity

What of your Future Self is in you right now?

  • Mary Hoover

    Why not. Why not. There is no reason to not try for your why not.

    I’d rather try my why not than live with what if, or why didn’t I.

    Moving into the new year. I’m going to try Why Not. What do I have to lose?

    I’ll lose more not trying my why not. Because if I don’t try, I will never know.

  • sylvia lapinski

    this year, at age 62, i started tap dancing and performed a short 3 minute piece for a council on aging holiday luncheon. and after years of sitting in the audience every Christmas listening to a local choral group, i joined the group and when this weekend is over i will have sung in two concerts with them. why do we hold ourselves back? no one cares that i am not the best tap dancer, most people just look at me like i’m crazy, but they aren’t up trying to do it!!!! and because whatever voice i used to have is old and thin, i began vocal lessons and the young woman teaching me is most encouraging. am i great? of course not, but i do the work every week and i love trying things with her. and guess what? when i mess up or my voice breaks or doesn’t even come out, the ceiling doesn’t fall in!!! i just laugh and start over. i was widowed some years ago after 35 years of marriage. when i met the man who is my new husband we had many interests in common, except i could not swim, and he is a fish. so at age 58 i took swimming lessons. i can swim well enough to be in the water and feel confident, i certainly cannot swim across a lake. but i have fun and i’m no longer afraid. slowly i am looking at all the barriers i put up in my life: too old, too out of shape, people will laugh, blah blah. this series is awesome, thank you for bringing it to us!

  • Karan A. Girard

    I am inspired by saying “Why Not” now. This is going to be my New Year “Shout”! Every time fear comes up on me, I am going to say “Why Not?” to myself. Many times I have wanted to leave a comment on something I have read on line, but never did. I just told myself, “Why Not?” The new inner voice in my head is going to learn to say “Why Not?”

  • Michelle

    I too have been wondering exactly what all this planning and organising (and working darn hard too, I should add) has been for. What exactly am I trying to achieve? And then I watched your ‘why not’ video and it got me thinking (and a tad excited as well). I have so many things that i would like to do one day – yet I have as many (if not more) excuses for why I can’t. So this coming year, is all about “why not”. And it is good to know that I already have in me, everything I need to achieve my why not(s). What an empowering idea!! I look forward to watching more videos and being inspired to do my “why not’s” during 2015!!! Thanks so much.

  • Lizzie

    This is the second time I’ve watch your two videos on this website and it’s already making me realize a ton of new things. Last year I notice a lot about myself and how I became comfortable, blaming my parents for my lack of social life or my univesity degree and a bunch of other things over the years. The reality of it all it’s that I have always had the voice to say “no” to them but didn’t, and just as I’m writing this I realized that my mom it’s right… she said to me that I have an easy “yes” and it really applies more to them that with the people outside my family, even thou I’m not saying I don’t give in with some stuff outside the household. I have always had the voice to stand up for myself and not let someone step over me but I have not done so. This year I want to do so, stand up for myself and do things, even if I’m not perfect at them, I want to do them. Again thank you for this, you are a huge inspiration and got me thinking more. I hope this year 2015 we can beat the crap of a lot of ours “why not?” and take action. Thank you Carie 🙂

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