Ask Away

Ask Away

Regardless of what your Why Not is, it’s fairly likely that part of achieving it will mean gathering information. Researching, learning, talking with other people who share similar interests… in short, filling up your brain. Personally, I’ve found that filling my brain with information that relates to one of my Why Nots also feeds my motivation to achieve that Why Not.

So, let’s help each other Pick The Brains of Others!

I have a list of people who have achieved some of their Why Nots and a list of interview questions to ask them. Everyone I’ve asked has happily agreed to participate in this little adventure.

But that list is limited to my tiny circle of acquaintances.

Who would you like me to interview?

You’ll find a submission form below; simply input your name, email address, the name of the person you’d like to have me interview, and any contact info you may have for that person. If you don’t have any contact information for that person, just leave me a link to their website or Twitter handle or Facebook page… whatever you may have that can help me get in touch with them would be fantastic.

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